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Testimony Of Brother Doc

Howdy everyone! I'm Doc! I'm 53 years old. I'm a Born Again Heathen and I'm VERY proud of it. I got saved on December 1st of 2002. One year ago I was in jail for crimes I'd done 2 years earlier. I was broke; I had no income of any kind and no transportation of any kind. I lived in a tent for one year and then in a 8'x12' shack for another 6 months. I had no electric, no water.... nothing. I survived with a gun and a fishing pole. I was also a part time caretaker for an 85-year-old man and did a few odd jobs. I always had enough money or other means to stay drunk constantly. Thanks to the devil and alcoholism, I've been in 5 jails in 5 counties, I've lost 3 wives, 2 beautiful children, 5 homes, 9 vehicles, lost my drivers license in 2 states, ...... much ...much .. more.

Now thanks to God and my blessed savior Jesus Christ, I'm sober with my own home, (modest but paid for) on a beautiful piece of riverfront property. I drive a nice vehicle (paid for). I own my own construction business and a motorcycle that I was blessed with by some of the other Born Again Heathens.

On Mothers day weekend, I took a trip and spent 3 glorious days with 4 special people. My 91 year old mother, my dearly beloved sister and (here's the real kicker) my beautiful 2 children that I hadn't seen or talked to in nearly 11 years, now 20 and 18 years of age. You should have seen this tough guy cry.

Now if anybody out there wants to try and convince me that God isn't real, or that my God isn't an awesome God, or that God doesn't answer prayer or forgive me of my sins..... My phone number is (573) 429-4882 and I hope you have lots of time because I've got lots of PROOF!

Ride with God.................... Doc

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Testimony of Sonshine

Hi!! My name is Sonshine (Chandra to everyone else). I guess you could say that I'm one of the newest members of BAH.

My testimony is a little different from the other members here. Growing up I had a pretty easy childhood. My parents didn't always go to church, but they knew enough to answer most of the questions I had about god. I went to Sunday school off and on, but since my parents didn't it was mostly with friends I had spent the night with. Everything was going pretty good until I was about 12.

My family moved in with my grandmother to help her out after my grandfathers death. She lived in a small community that doesn't always accept new people. Right from the start things didn't go so well. I guess its true when they say you can take the kid out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the kid. Up till then I had lived in Springfield, MO. Not a huge place, but a far cry from small town USA.

Maybe I just had too big of ideas. When I was in Junior High I started attending a local church. At Sunday night youth services everyone would act nice enough, but then come Monday morning, these same kids were the ones making my life hell. I finally stopped going altogether when the Pastors wife balled me out about some lie one of the youth had said at school that had got back to her. After that I tried a few different youth groups, but the same hypocrisies kept happening. Finally I just gave up on God.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, these events made me who I am today.

On Halloween 1998, I lost my virginity to my bestfriends boyfriend, which started a whole new kind of hell when she found out. The sad part is that she was a really good friend to me, at a time when I didn't have any to spare.

Everything just went down hill from there. I got to the point of being a pathological liar, so much so that if I thought you might pay attention to me I would have tried to convince you the sky was orange. Even today, Satan will try to make stupid little lies pop out of my mouth.

The next year after that was a blur of boyfriends and lies. All a guy had to do was smile and give me 5 min of attention and I would be in the back of there car by nightfall. Most the guys I dated were off the internet, so by the time we met face to face I was already to infatuated to see the real person there.

Sometime in the spring of 99, I went out with a "friend" on a supposed double date. My date never showed, so her, her date and I all drove out by a lake to party. I had way to much tequila and woke up to find myself in the middle of a "threesome", that I later found out she had arranged from the start. There had never been a date for me. That experience started me on the downhill spiral into the bisexual lifestyle. I think a lot of it is that I had discovered that not just guys would give me attention @ a price I hadn't minded to pay.

It would be a true statement to say I spent most of my time from 16 to 18 on my back.

In spring of 2000 I might my future ex husband. As time past, and we got to know more about each other, I found out that he was also bisexual. We decided to try swinging/partner swapping. When you had already tried everything else, that just seemed like the natural next step.

We got married in May of 2001 after living together for almost a year. It wasn't a happy marriage, even from the beginning, in fact we spent more of our honeymoon apart than together.

In Mid June I decided to leave him, with the help and advice of someone I thought was a good friend. That night I decided my goal was to get drunk, not just tipsy, but falling down passed out drunk. @ the time my 14 year old brother was visiting and helped me move, so this so called best friend talked me into letting him go with us.

Well I achieved my goal for the night, only to find out the next morning that the friend had tied my brother to a chair, played a sexual game, and then slept with him. She was 26.

After that I ended up going back to my then husband, only to be informed that he had acquired a boyfriend while I was gone and had no intention of ending that relationship. Who was I to tell him otherwise. If I had told him he was wrong, I would have to admit I was doing wrong as well. The one thing I can honestly say I am not, is a hypocrite.

In October of 2001, a construction crew started work on our house. It was a 3 man crew and one of the men just happened to be Wildfire, whom I married in July 2002. @ first we were just friends, but as my marriage continued to go downhill, and obviously so by now, I started looking @ him differently. By the time January rolled around, I had decided to leave my husband for good and go back to school, not to learn but as a way out. I also decided that I wanted to have a relationship with Ronnie (wildfire), and I'm not talking about a good friendship. Somehow those intentions got fast forwarded, and we found ourselves snowed in together @ the crew foreman's house. I'll just let you assume the rest. About a week after that I left Chris (ex husband). It was around this time I got my first tattoo.. which is a funny story I'll tell you all sometime in person. I moved back in with my parents and although Wildfire and I started going to church together, we were still sleeping with each other. We more or less went to church just to keep his father off our back. About 3 months into our relationship, the spirit really started convicting us, so we had a lot of conversations trying to justify our love life. Finally I convinced him to marry me, and we were wed on July 3, 2002, just 9 days after my divorce was final.

God has gotten hold of us so much. It didn't happen over night like so many others here, it was a gradual thing for me, and not a very easy path @ times. There were a lot of times I wouldn't make love to my husband because Satan would start pointing out certain similarities in what we were doing and what I had done in my past. Its ironic how it was finally OK to have sex, and I felt like I was doing something bad. a lot of that has worked out, and I would like to say that my past no longer haunts me, but it still does, and probably always will to a point. at least now, when the memories come flooding back, I have the spirit to remind me that although I may be remembering them, god isn't. I just pray one day my children don't start making the same decisions and I have to set them down and explain the follies of that life in real time.

The worst part is that we live in a time that being an alcoholic is still looked down on by society, drug addicts are still breaking the law and most people aren't supportive of them, and society in general looks @ convicts as undesirable characters.

Its not so for sex. Our world no longer has whores, sluts, or simply promiscuity. Now we just have players, sexually active, or sexually liberated people. No longer is sex taboo or bad, not to mention sacred. Madonna kisses 2 female teen pop stars @ a music awards show, and not a single person interviewed after said "Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture". all I heard was "that was hot". Yeah, well if they keep it up, it wasn't as hot as where they're headed. Trust me, being a PLAYer is not fun, being sexually ACTIVE is not healthy and being sexually LIBERATED is not being free.

Reach out to God the first chance you get, cause the farther down you go, the harder it is to reach back. You get to the point where you are so morally numb, that you'll try and do anything. ONLY GOD CAN STOP THIS TRAIN...

Love and Prayers,

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Testimony of sister Linda

My son, John Allen Lane, died June 30, 2003. He was 32 years old. For two years my church, The Lordís Chapel in Poplar Bluff, had him in prayer. He suffered a heart attack induced by prescription drugs. He died instantly. Through his death, God has used him, through me to witness to many people about Jesus Christ our savior.

Sunday night before his death, I laid him on the altar and gave him to the Lord and asked God to do whatever it would take to bring my son to where he needed to be, never dreaming Godís plan, would be his death.

My sonís life over the last two years had been miserable. He was a drug user for a long period of time. The last and most deadly were prescription drugs, given to him by doctors, who simply didnít care. He also suffered as a manic-depressive and a bi-polar person. He had been in and out of the hospitals in southeast Missouri frequently, never getting any real help, just prescription drugs. Which inevitably played the biggest role in contributing to his heart attack. He had just been dismissed from the hospital that morning before he died. But Godís mind is not our mind and in His loving mercy, He showed my son His ultimate love by taking him home. A dear brother in Christ, who prayed all night for us, shared this with me. God revealed to him that He (God) knew my sonís beginning, He knew his end and that He knew his future and that by taking him home, He was saving my son from something that he could not have lived with himself, causing him great heart ache and sorrow and possibly suicide. All of a sudden it made sense to me. John had shared something with me in the hospital that would have been devastating and ruined his life. God was showing John Allen His mercy and great agape love by bringing John Allen home so he wouldnít have to suffer through this.

During my sonís funeral and while he lay in his casket, I was able to witness to many people his age, which were his friends and fellow drug users. Each one who approached his casket to view him and have a word of sympathy for me. I was able to speak with them about Jesus. I would ask them, if my son could tell them something now, what did they think it would be? Then I would say, ďHe would tell you to turn your life over to Jesus, repent and turn to GodĒ. A seed was planted. I know God was using me through my son in his casket, to tell these young people to live for Jesus. Then at that moment I remembered about putting John Allen on Godís altar and this was how God was using him, even in death, just like Godís son.

God has held me in His hand bringing me through all of this. God took my mind off of me and my loss and put it on Him, giving me a peace and joy knowing that my son and I are being used, even in death, to glorify the Father in heaven.

A Sister in Christ,
Linda Watkins

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Testimony of EZ

Hey there... my name is Greg aka EZ. I've taken several months to write my testimony because I just didn't know what to say. It seems everybody and their dog has run heroin, smoked dope, and done all the assorted twisted things that 20 years of that stuff will do to you. I don't even like to share all of that stuff with Harley and Chopper because I feel like it's reveling in it somehow. Suffice it to say that I've over dosed more times than I can recall, and watched the life drain from friends bodies as they died in front of me, from drugs and alcohol.  Then there's the effect on my family for what I was doing. The emotional damage done to all who care about me, stealing from the people I love the most, hocking family heirlooms for dust money. These were items that I would be heartsick over when I had my own son to hand down family treasures to, but they were gone forever.

The amount of guilt and shame all of this stuff put on me was debilitating. For years I was ready to clean up my act but I felt that God wouldn't forgive all the stuff I'd done. Now I know that this was the devil talking trash to me. It's his greatest weapon folks. Satan will deceive you  into thinking that you are beyond forgiveness. DON'T LISTEN! The next biggest lie he tells you is that, "you gone back and done the bad thing  so many times that you don't even mean it when you ask for forgiveness". This is a good one and it worked on me for years. I was even telling myself..."Greg you got no integrity, go ahead be a hypocrite too".. I stopped asking God to forgive me because I knew that I would probably do it again (even though  I was sincere at that moment about quitting). After that kind of self-doubt time after time after time..... you want to quit asking. DON'T QUIT ASKING GOD TO FORGIVE YOU !! I kept asking and guess what? After a period of prayer and reading my Bible, God freed me from all satan's trash talking and gave me an assurance of my own worth and of my SALVATION! Praise God ...FREE at last! My life has been blessed since that day. There are still hard days but I know that God loves me and that He will not let me be tempted beyond what I am able to bear. Every day is gravy folks. I'm on this earth to praise Him and share His love with others.

1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."

Either this verse is true.........or God is a liar. You figure it out.


BTW....I'm also the webmunster around here...if ya want to email me just click on "projectemail" at the bottom of any page. God Bless You and Yours.

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Testimony of T.C.

  As a little girl I would follow my dad around everywhere he went and so I followed him to Church one day to help him do some work on the Church for the Pastor. When we got to the Church my dad went on in and I was a little bit behind him. Then all of a sudden someone grabbed my arm and it was the Pastor. He said " YOU are NOT to COME in HERE dressed like THAT!"
  Well not understanding what he meant I began to cry. I sat down on the steps and cried for a long time. It was from this episode that started turning my heart hard! And at such a young age. I felt like I was unloved and sure did not know why I could not come into Church with my yellow shorts and top outfit that I loved to wear.
  Well as I grew older so did the hurt feelings go deeper and deeper. Every time I had a problem I would turn to whatever I could to ease the pain I felt. Then it was just a snow ball effect after that. Things got worse and so did I. Drugs, Jim Beam, DUI's, Divorce after Divorce, Verbal and Physical Abuse from my husband ( got to where I was packing a pistol for protection ), Single MOM, Job to Job, well I could go on and on. I think you get the picture!
  THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN! I was in another relationship and my worst nightmare came true. I was not loved as I loved them. WELL that was the straw that weighted me down to hell.
  I was so distraught I cried and cried and to the point where I could not see where I was driving. I pulled into this parking lot and when I finally focused my eyes I could see a Cross on a Building. Wouldn't you know it was the Church Parking Lot of Faith Family Worship. This is where my parents go to Church. I got out of my car and walked in and saw my parents there and I sat down with them. I cried until I thought I could cry no more.
  It was on this night that the Lord Jesus Christ came down and put his loving arms around me and I truly felt Peace in my Heart. And most of ALL I felt the Love in my Soul that I so desperately had been searching for all of my life.
  I am so truly thankful for that touch I received on that night. Even though life may have it's ups and downs I Proudly Say Jesus is the Way and the only way for me. As part of my testimony I want to Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for Saving me and for all of his many wonderful blessings he has bestowed upon me. I am thankful for my Son Jeremy, My Husband Harley, My Parents, My Brother, The Born Again Heathens, Sisters of Mercy and all of my Christian Brothers and Sisters!
  SO if you have looked for love in all of the wrong faces. Looked for love in all of the wrong places. Search your heart and look into the Face of Jesus.   I DID!!!!!!!!!!!
Call me if you need a friend.
TC :)

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Testimony of Harley

    My name is Laniel Crutchfield a.k.a. "Harley", and this is my testimony. I was raised in a Christian home and when I was old enough to make my own decisions, I decided God was not what I wanted in my life. As it turns out, that would be the worst decision of my life.

    I was pretty much into fighting and intrigued with violence for most of my life. I think that's what drew me into the outlaw biker lifestyle. Of course drugs and alcohol were also a big part of that lifestyle. I became the "enforcer" for a motorcycle club near Peoria, Illinois, probably because I had a black belt and was very skilled in ways to hurt people. Through it all, everywhere I went, I could see that God was still with me. I should have been dead many times over, but I just didn't want God in my life. Just as God's word says, there was pleasure in sin for a season, but it was when that season was over that my real problems began.

    Drugs and alcohol were no longer fun. Instead of me controlling them, they were in control of me. The more miserable I became, the more violent and depressed I became. I then decided to take my own life with an overdose of heroin, but God has chosen me at a young age and would not let me go. On March 11th, 1990, at a church in Piedmont, Missouri, God and I finally met each other in a real way. God actually came down to my level and loved me. Love was something that I had lost hope of. When God loved me right where I was at, I knew that He was what I had been searching for all along. I gave my heart to Him that night and was instantly set free from drugs and alcohol.

    No, I haven't been perfect since that night, but I'll never stop trying because Jesus died for me and I want to live for Him. So, no matter what you've done or what you think of yourself, you must know that Jesus loves you and He died for your sins too. Ask Him into your heart and you to can be saved.

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Testimony of Chopper

    Friday, May 16, 2003 8:39PM. Hello, my name is Scott Warmack. I'm a co-founder of this beautiful ministry. I feel that I should take a moment to give glory to God. I had the heathen part of this figured out! I bought and sold dope on a fairly large scale for a big part of my life. I've done some time as a result of my folly to boot! I messed many peoples lives up because of my sales of dope. I've seen faithful wives that loved their husbands that got started on it become $10 hookers to get one more hit. I've seen gentle, even tempered men,who loved their families, turn into violent monsters who would stop at nothing, to do just one more line. My house was a revolving door to people who would practically give me their hard earned possessions, for one more fix. I was convinced that these people were weak. My big saying was, "you control the dope, you don't let the dope control you"! I thought I was so in control.The profession that I had chosen had opened some pretty big doors for me too. I am a musician, and I got to know, and perform with, some really impressive names in the Blues community of the Chicago Blues circuit. I played some heavy metal music for many years as well.

    To hear what I have written so far, one might think I had it going on, but one would be badly mistaken. I got involved with a woman in the Rockford area of Illinois. She became pregnant with my child, and she pulled out of the relationship. I don't wish to slander anyone's character, so I`ll just say that even though tried, I was not able to be a father to my child. Up unto this point in my life, I was not a violent person. Things had a way of bringing that to pass though. I started drinking a lot, and a lot became not a very descriptive word in the end. I had to start my day with it, and it had to be accessible 24/7. My wife today, had to live through hell with me. I became more pathetic, than any person I thought I was better than, in my past. My arrogant stride had become a drunken swagger. I took my wife to the belly of depravity. I was so lost, I finally come to my senses.

    I ended up chasing a church bus, down the middle of main street, in the town we live in and I told the guy that I needed God to help me. I tried other things but found no relief. I am now blessed with a life I could only dream about just a few short years ago. The Lord saw fit to let me and #1 main man Harley, start this ministry 9 months ago. We have a talk show on two radio stations. We have a butt kickin band that glorifies the name of the Lord. We go to the jails and minister to those who are in need, and as a result of all this we have brought over 100 souls to meet a loving God, who has purchased their pardon from a fiery grave!!! Ain't God Good? Chopper(co-founder),The Born Again Heathens.

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The Choices we Make
Testimony of Lowrider

    Hello, my name is Lowrider, and I am the vice-president of the Born Again Heathens Motorcycle Ministry, and I want to tell you want Jesus has done for me.

    From birth Satan tried to kill me. At birth I had bronchitis, premature birth, premature lungs, and if not for the prayers of my family, I would of been dead. I grew up in a home without a father. He left my mom when I was two. He wanted nothing to do with us. My mom and family did the best they could, but it was hard growing up without a father figure in my life, so as a teen, I chose people who were into the things I was in to be as a father figure. I was around the ones who your mom warned you about. Potheads, metalheads, crackheads, etc. I am the one who chose to hang out with the wrong crowd. The choices we make we will have to reap. Funny thing is, I was raised in church. My mom tried her best, but it was hard on us all. I rebelled against her and God. I had hate and anger towards everyone. Kill or be killed and want to die. I was very depressed. I felt like I was a nobody. When I was a teen I was abused sexually. It is not easy for me to talk about, but I feel it is the reason for me being addicted to pornography. I did drugs to help me feel normal. Drugs are nothing but a numbing effect to make us have a temporary feeling of self worth. But the drugs will turn on you. Satan had me deceived in believing that if I gave my life to drugs, alcohol, and to him I would have power to overcome my depression but they only made it worse. I was in and out of church. Couldn't commit to anything. Because of the choices I have made, I am now in a middle of a divorce. We all have choices to make. We can live for Christ or
we can live for the devil. I lived for the devil. But Jesus had a different idea. I played drums in a death metal band. Singing glory to Satan, little did I know Jesus would have me play drums for Him.

    Because of the choices I made I have had to reap many unpleasant things, but Jesus is making it all better. One day I was down and out and the members of the Born Again Heathens came to me and asked me to go to church. I thought what do I have to lose. I went and let me tell you my life has not been the same. I decided to fully give my life to Christ. To not look back but to look forwards in Him. I take it one day at a time, no one second at a time. I am not perfect, but I am forgiven. Jesus has become the father I never had. He has taken away my depression, He has taken away my lust, He has taken away my drug habit. He has given me life and life more abundantly. Man, I love Jesus and I thank Him for what He has done for me. He is bringing my
family back together. Praise God.

    Man if you don't know Jesus as your savior please accept Him. He loves you. No matter what you may of done, he gave His life for you to have salvation. If you don't know him please say this little prayer.


    If you said this prayer you are forgiven. No matter what you may of done, you are now on your way to heaven. Praise God! Please email us to let us know if you said this prayer and I will write you and help you in your walk. Thank you and remember Jesus and I love you

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Testimony of Stacey

Hi. My name is Stacey a.k.a. sis or sissy. My sister of mercy name is Determination. Because I am determined, determined to be a good wife, determined to be a good mom, determined to be a good person, determined to be a good Christian. But most of all I am determined not to have the life that I had.

Growing up, I was born in one religion, went to school in another religion and was Baptist at age 16 in yet another religion, I was always taught about God but always in different ways. So it made me start thinking and wondering. Wondering why things happen, when we donít want them to and nothing happens when we do want them to. Until my husband, Mike; found the Lordís Chapel and the Born Again Heathens.
When we started going to church, I was totally lost. I blamed God for my ďbad lifeĒ. I blamed God for being abandoned by my dad when I was 6, by having my oldest at a young age by myself, by losing my daughter who was a stillborn, for having a young son who got lead poisoning and is now somewhat brain damaged, for having abusive exboyfriends, etc. Iím sure you get the idea.

But what I learned from Pastor Rowdy, brother Chopper, brother Harley, and all the Born Again Heathens is itís not Godís fault, itís the devils. God does everything good but he gets the blunt of things when things go wrong.

This past December 2, I thought about suicide. I thought that everyone would be better off without me. Now I am so glad that I didnít do it. I had a good friend of mine kill himself 3 years ago and another friend and her sister raped and thrown off a bridge. They have never found my friendís body. I started thinking a lot about them last December and where they are now.

When my husband found the Lordís Chapel this past June, I was on depression and nerve pills, all I wanted to do is sit and watch t.v. and sleep. I never wanted to do anything, or go anywhere even with my family. I didnít even want to leave the house, let alone clean it. Even brother Chopper said that I scared him with the anger on my face. But going to church changed that. I am no longer on pills everyday, I am up doing more things and Iím getting better at being a housekeeper.

That same month of June I found God. I canít say that my life is perfect but the devil wonít let your life be perfect. But since then my life has been better. Instead of living and dwelling on the bad things that happen I live for the good things. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and treats me good. I have 2 wonderful boys, Adam and Jeremy, they are not perfect but they are mine, a beautiful daughter who is an Angel that happens to not live with us but live with the Lord and who is waiting for her family. It really hurts now having my children see how I was. Thatís all my boys knew and having my Angel look down at me hoping I would change so when I die that I would go to heaven to be with her. I hope that I donít ever disappoint my children and God again.

I now am happy that I changed my life, I am happy that finally found God. I am happy that I found the Born Again Heathens and the Lords Chapel. I am happy with my family and with what I have in my life now. I am not the happiest person in the world, donít get me wrong I still worry about things but I am learning to give God all my worries, like the bible says to do. It is hard to break old habits but I am learning. Now do you see why I am called determined?

God be with you
Stacey aka sis

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Testimony of sister Peggy

Hi, Sept.29.2003
I don't know if this is a testimony or not but I know that since I found The Born Again Heathens Show I feel like I've never felt before, I see things in a different light and I hear things I ignored before, I SAY things I've never said before and my HEART is full to the max with a love I have spent my entire adult life looking for. I used to see happy people and envy them. I am SOOO new to this but the other day I walked out of work with a smile on my face and a step in my groove and I thought to myself, "I'm one of those happy people! So this is what it feels like to be happy." It's not money, or position or my boss or my lover or even my family that made it so, like I thought it would be. The happiness is from knowing that I am walking with Jesus' s arm around my shoulder and no matter what happens, I'll never, EVER be alone. He has forgiven me and I can hold my head up HIGH and not be ashamed of the person I am today. I can forgive others and I don't have to be anyones dirty little secret and I don't have to keep carrying around my own dirty little secrets. I laid it all down on an alter in my mind and gave it to God and I actually feel physically LIGHTER on my feet! (HA!) I know now that the only PERFECT LOVE is the love Jesus has for me and I don't have to walk on egg shells, I don't have to twist & turn bad things around to try and justify what I'm doing by making it look good. I have family who won't even talk to me right now for things that I've done and it breaks my heart because since I met The Born Again Heathens I have a family that I don't even know all their NAMES yet but they love me and they don't look down their noses at me and they are a phone call away. I know now that the things that tempted me before and knocked me to my knees were arrows straight from The Devil and he don't give up easily, he don't give up EVER. But I know now to dodge those arrows and I know Jesus Christ is my weapon and my shield. I remember telling my mother-in-law that I'm NOT one of those churchy people, I'm JUST NOT! Now I know it wasn't the wrong God, it was the wrong IDEA!!! I don't have to worry about what I'll wear or if someone may be there who knows some of the things I've done. All I have to worry about is my relationship with My God. And it is so much easier than I thought it would be. Why did it take 44 years?? I'll never know. All I know is it hit me and the thing that opened that door was Chopper & Harley's Radio Show. God love 'em! I'm excited about my own future now!! Like I said, I'm so new to this but the future looks bright and for the first time in my life it's not because of some GUY, it's because now my life is about everything that's TRUE and GOOD and RIGHT. It blows me away! I know there will be stumbling blocks. I also know that I might be hit but I won't fall down and I know who to cry out to and HE WILL be there for me, if even just to be able to handle the hurdles.!!!! Dang!!!! This feels GOOOOD!!!

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