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Taped Radio Shows

Cassettes of our BAH radio program are available here. These tapes compare to radio talk shows on secular radio but the content is Christian and not lewd or vulgar. You can order any program for $7.00, shipping and handling is included.

Choose any of our shows to listen any time you please.

Please consider this......... If these programs can't help you find the joy of the Lord, maybe we need to pray for you!


bullet1.    Intro, David and Goliath
bullet2.    Wet wood, Sgt. Legalism #1
bullet3.    Young fool, Curly, Donald Duck
bullet4.    Sugar Booger, Puppy Toes
bullet5.    Guard Dog and Moped
bullet6.    Sampson and Delilah
bullet7.    Lowrider (testimony)
bullet8.    Righteous Man Forgiven
bullet9.    Rhythm Ray
bullet10.  Ethyl Merman and Edward Robinson
bullet11.  How People Get Hurt In Church, Call Your Congressman
bullet12.  13th Century English, Resting Place
bullet13.  East L.A. #1
bullet14.  Death Of Solomon, The Miracle
bullet15.  Jacob and Leah
bullet16.  Christmas Show
bullet17.  Rhythm Ray and Caroline
bullet18.  Mean Dean Legalism Man
bullet19.  Bride Of Christ
bullet20.  Doc
bullet21.  Sgt. Legalism #2
bullet22.  The Miracle
bullet23.  Born Again Farmer Show, East L.A. #2

The show is programmed weekly so more selections will be added. For $7.00 you can choose any show you want, to listen to it over and over and over and..... well you get the idea. REMEMBER, shipping and handling is included in the purchase price. We obviously don't make any money on these after S/H, so why not treat yourself AND support the ministry? ORDER NOW !

We accept personal checks or money orders only. Send to:

Born Again Heathens

P.O. Box 93

Patterson, MO 63956

Please consider supporting this ministry. If you purchase an item from Amazon using our Amazon Search Block, the ministry will receive 10%-15% payback from Amazon. So, if you decide to buy something off of the internet, consider coming here and using our Amazon portal for your purchase. God bless you...ez

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