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the cofounders of the sisters of mercy

we are the sisters of mercy we are the woman's ministry of the

born again heathens

Blessed be the name of the Lord for his mercies endure forever,

We the S.O.M. know this to be true, for if it weren’t; most of us wouldn’t be here know.

We have come from batered and broken to held and whole. A chance to start life with a knew begaining.

When we except Christ in our lives, his word says; he casts all of our sins into the sea of forgetfulness,

He doesn’t remember them anymore.

There isn’t anything that you could have done or said that would shoke us. Many of the S.O.M. has been there, done that and totally worn the teshirt out. We the S.O.M. are about healing broken hearts,

Encouraging you in your walk with the Lord. We do not condem you for your past but give you encouragement for your future. We believe we are a recipe for destiny. We have come from many setuations and backgrounds, and we feel that God has brought us together for this time and hour to fulfill our destinies in Christ. We are special in our on way with many personalities, talents and gifts. Mix us all together and you have the S.O.M. Mighty Women of God united together to do one thing, and that is to

Do the will of God, to win souls, to uplift, encourage you as a women of God.

What you see is who we are. We ware our colors proudly with dignity and honor. To please our Lord and win souls for the kingdom. If you have any questions about the S.O.M. please write us or email us

Or if you have any prayer requests. We pray that we have said something to encourage you or help you in some way.

On Behalf of the S.O.M.,


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